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  • Powerful day at DCC today.
    Resurrection to Resurrection... It's a New Year!
    Happy Easter Everybody!
  • DCC Resurrection Sunday Service tomorrow @10am
    Going to be an awesome day! Bring your unsaved friends and family as we celebrate the resurrection of Christ!

    "Count your blessings name them one by one."
    The song writer knew something when he wrote that hymn.
    [The Jewish people are in the "Days of Blessing" (time of The Counting of the Omer) from the second day of Passover to Pentecost. They believe these 49 days that complete on Pentecost for us or the 50th day ( a jubilee for them), begins the establishment of their year of prosperity. 7x7 +1]
    I believe it too! All signs in the heavens and the earth are pointing to the beginning of "A Time of Great Reward!" This is what God had me to say on New Years Eve. It's harvest time in every area of life. Spirits, souls, bodies!
    RezSunday to RezSunday, make it your new calendar year.
    It begins tomorrow with simple faith and obedience.
    See you at DCC!
    Happy Easter! - #Dr8

    *Kids will love tomorrow
    *Lindt Chocolate's for every adult present too :)

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